So many girls in Australia love this brand.
I really wanted to own something from their collection when I lived there, but at 500 AUD for a dress it was a little too stiff for my budget. I still check eBay so see if I can find anything from Lover, but it's rare. I adore everything they make it has such a light and airy feel about it. Lover was founded in 2001 by designers Susien Chong and Nic Briand. They started by selling their stuff at the Bondi Markets in Sydney. I remember going to the Markets in Bondi, there is amazing stuff to be found, but don't expect cheap market prices.

Nobody works denim like lover.



A lot of people are saying this look is over, but ever since I saw Ashley Olsen rocking these two tone yellow sunglasses I had to find something similar. I love them, I think they can jazz up a boring outfit quickly.



Remember when there was a period where Mary-Kate always got it right? I miss her old looks so much, lately she's just drab and predictable. Maybe she's trying too hard to be inventive...



The Madden brothers brought along their girlfriends to their label's party. Nicole looked good but maybe a little too dressed up? I would have liked to see her in something more casual, but still chic. Paris on the other hand is...I don't even have the words. Honest!


ARE HEAD SCARVES BACK? I like that she's still wearing her signature looks.

Funny picture of Nicole's dog taking a piss on some expensive looking dresses. You go doggie! They are probably over priced anyway!




I'm getting sick of Louis Vuitton to be honest, they are just everywhere! The Runway bags are pretty chic though.



I forgot that he use to be a model. Hot.


I love that color on Jill Marie, so stunning.

Angela looks like a princess in white. Seeing Vanessa Williams just makes me miss Ugly Betty, I can't wait till it comes back!



I love her yellow bikini here, it's such a great look!


Ohhh she makes me want to go and buy some more pink nail polish!

I love her dress here, I've been searching for something similar.


I've featured Anne here quite a few times already, it just shows how well she's been dressing lately. This is one of my favorite looks from her the chocolate brown is divine!

I don't think I like all the leather, but if anybody can work it and give it a softer look, it's her.

Such a safe and easy outfit to pull off.

She's probably ctill rying over the fact that she should have kept dating Brad Pitt in the 90s!


Ps. Thank you for the sweet comments, I'm still sick but off my death bed!


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fashion evolution said...

Just like you want to find the two tone sunglasses, I want the two tone Chanel sunglasses (you know, the ones with the half black, half clear lenses). And I am LOVING Bijoux dress too! I hope you can find one you love just like it!

Stararah said...

The Lover brand is nice.
I agree with Bijoux's dress!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ I'm off to Toronto this weekend so I'll be looking for something bright and colorful like hers!

A.N said...

I love love the way kerr looks!
LV is getting to common, and I don't see a point of having soo many, they have the same monogram anyway. I like ashlee's doggy bag though.

Paris is trying to hard, she doesnt look BAD BAD. Its just not her style.

Secretista said...

Yay! You're off you're death bed!

I'm a lover of Lover! PAHAHAH I'm so0ooo funny... NOT! :)

o0o... long skirts. May be I'll try it this Spring.

I think the girl with Bow Wow is from the Pussycat Dolls.

I can't wait for Ugly Betty either!!

miss hautttefashion said...

that makes me really want two-toned sunglasses!
that picture of nicole's dog made my dayyyy

Wendy said...

Nicole can do no wrong. Its interesting to have her stand next to Paris.

fashionistakay said...

Awww i really hope you feel better. That dog pic is hilarious but maybe not so much for the store owner.haha.
p.s.maybe when ur feeling better u can check out my new post?

fashionistakay said...

Awww i really hope you feel better. That dog pic is hilarious but maybe not so much for the store owner.haha.
p.s.maybe when ur feeling better u can check out my new post?

WendyB said...

That dog photo killed me!

Imelda Matt said...

The dog pic is cracking me up...how long did you live in Sydney???

Mer said...

Great post Jen! I really liked the australian brand, thanks for sharing!!! :-)

the dog pic is perfect!!! hahaha!

Lynn said...

I havent been around for a few days coz I just can't connect to your blog from the office. And I've missed a lot of postings. Happy that you are a lot better.

I've never really been a fan of any monograms, i just like it subtle and monograms are just too showy. But that's just me...

A. Kutcher's hot!

Kat said...

I love those sunglasses, so cool and fun for the summer.
Could Ashley Tisdale get any tackier?!

punky said...

hahaha, that dog is awesome!!!

Fashion Tidbits said...

who is the girl in the red sundress?

The Clothes Horse said...

I still love MK's style, she's fierce. I like the look of the girl next to Bijou better, who is she?

The Seeker said...

Didn't know that australian brand, thanks for the information.
That dog is sooooo cute ahahahha
Yes I read that long skirts are back and also head scarves.

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. But get well soon.


Mine said...

Today I'll make my comment a bit longer.haha
So -
Lover the label - OMG.I'm so in love with all of these things. Lucky me, cause I'm living in Germany not Australia AND I haven't got the money for it.
And those older Outfits of MK Olsen are also my favorites. I loove them all and want to have all of these dresses and the skirt is soo adorable!
I think the girl with the ounk nail polish is a girl from the PSD.
Love the bijou phillips dress and hate the pics of anne hathaway and christina milan.

enc said...

It's easy to see why you love Lover. So great! This was a good post: I hadn't seen Robin Givens in ages! Get well soon.

addicted said...

that Australian line looks fab!

Molly :] said...

Woah. A long, but intresting post :)

I love the two tone glasses too! Are they from Topshop? If not, i have a very similar pair with cut out hearts at the side.

I agree about MKA- what happened to her individuality? She just looks like an ill-postured granny now.

It's good to see that Nicoles still got her pregnancy glow- although as you said she does look a little too dressed up.

Miranda looks sweet too. Gorgeous looks + Great style = Model envy.

Love the blog, as always. :) x

.m. said...

the girl with bow wow is melody from the pussycat dolls, i know, she looks different! great post jen!

jellofer said...

I'm having the same feelings toward pink nail polish as you are!! Although, I haven't been able to find one yet that is to my liking!

Carolina Lange said...

Great post! That Australian line looks amazing!

Grace said...

oh my god, that photo of nicole richie's dog is hilarrrrious!

Ediot said...

i can't comment on the post above.. even if i want to,, but i dig the grey strapless dress a girl from the asian movie awards wore.

loverthelabel was some great shop. i want all of the clothes!

bar's dress is great

WISH YOU a happy easter!