Who's the better dresser?



Homegirl has been stepping it up even more lately.



Gap has an all new edge thanks to Patrick Robinson, who has saved them from losing even more millions. I use to work at Gap, I spent nearly two years of my life slaving over there haha. I actually didn't mind it too much, the reason I left was because I was tired of employee drama. I miss the discount though, the clothes are much better now then they were two years ago.



I love this girl but she really tires too hard. She needs to follow Coco Chanel's rule and always take one thing off before exiting.

As if having Tom run her life wasn't bad enough, katie came out looking like this! He must have not programmed her correctly that day. I've been keeping this picture on my PC for a while, it makes me laugh after a bad day. The glasses were not bad enough she had to come out in a bath robe.

Forest Whitaker's wife looks amazing here.

I haven't been paying attention to these two thumbelina's lately. Ever since Mary-Kate started wearing the John Lennon sunglasses and dressing like crap I've turned a blind eye. Come back and wow me again!

When I saw the first picture of Nicole in Prada I really had a hard time believing that she was 5 months pregnant. But then again, my mom didn't even show with me when she was 6 months along and she was a stick like Nicole.

Mahalo fashion,

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Fashion Tidbits said...

i love them both equally (?) more natalie a tad bit more??!!!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ I have a hard time choosing too!

Jennifer Stoddart said...

I love Scarlett- I think she's so beautiful. She has a quality about her that I just find so appealing...can't really put my finger on exactly what it is.

Wow, the Olsen's look like they've finally brushed their hair despite being less fashionable than usual!

WendyB said...

That pink dress is beautiful.

Fashion-DescipleXXX said...

I chose Natalie, simply because I could not get over that black bean bag thing scarlet was wearing in the first pick, me no likey.

The Olsen’s have hit a bit of a one note for me, while I’m inspired by their older outfits, there’s nothing new to gain, kind of like Kate moss, one look isn’t enough to keep my interest

Forest’s wife looks the dogs balls, in that dress. Baby pink is not a colour I take lightly on a grown ass woman but she looks hot.

Secretista said...

I'm for scarlett! She's got a curvy body. I'm curvalicious and I got love for my curvalicious sistas!

Umm, I LOVE Hilary duff! I have a album, which is good by the way, and it's on in my car all the time! WOOOOO!

AFitz said...

Do I have to pick between the two? Can I have em both, please?

Jay Cam said...

is it just me or is scarlett starting to look older?

i favor natalie!

Anonymous said...

natalie definitely- down to earth, genius, and much more fashinable, but can't say they both aren't talented!

hmm i did a post on the new GAP, most of the comments on it thought that just b/c some of the new peices were good didn't mean the avg shopper would be able to wear them correctly

amanda is trying too hard, she's too blonde, too accesorized, ugh! don't sell out please!

hmm missioni isn't half bad :)

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ hey what's the link to the post?

Anonymous said...

1.Natalie more.

2.Missoni looks nice

3.I like Hilary's leopard bag if that's what I'm seeing

4.Amanda does look a bit on the trying too hard stage.Gotta love the Lariat bag though ,a classic

5.Katie's style bores me.Does she hang out with Anna Wintour much?

Jelenie said...

I don't know about Natalie/Scarlett. Natalie looks pretty and put together most of the time but Scarlett can just wow! And I hope they don't massacre that movie - the book was awesome!

Taylor said...

Oh thats impossible to choose between Natalie and Scarlett!

but Hilary Duff is MOST DEFINITELY stepping her game up :)


Debbie Shiamay said...


coco said...

Natalie is by far the best, there is something about Scarlett that really bugs me, although I think she is one of the most respectable actresses at the moment
and that pink dress is perfection

ChiliLady (currently pissed of) said...

i voted for Natalie! :-)

The Seeker said...

Natalie off course, Scarlett seems older than she's.
That pink dress is gorgeous.
I think Nicole is so classy...


Kira Fashion said...

i really miss the great times of that twins, lately they are so crap....let´s see if they chance for better again ;)

a kiss
love your blog!

Imelda said...

I voted for Scarlett, her style is more my style! I love how she dresses!
Hilary Duff looks really good! The brown purse in the last picture is amazing!

Cate said...

natalie is the better boleyn girl. i don't like scarlett at ALL.
i like the missoni ads - runway models always scare the hell out of me ^^
gosh, employee drama at gap. that's stressful, i imagine.
ugh, katie looks like anna wintour. and that's NOT a compliment.
i don't like nicole kidman's prada dress. and i can't believe that she's already five months pregnant either! whoa

Aisha said...

I've heard that when there is no watch of the babybump until the 5th month, then it's probably a boy :)... ehh... just a random thing i thought of :)

I love the oversized clutch Hilary's carrying!

Live Fabulously said...

it's natalie for me, hands down. and gap was in dire need of revamping. i'm loving their new style. same w/old navy. they're both going in a good direction...hopefully it'll save the companies.

Emma said...

ok my mum works for gap shes been there for 15-16 years (she comes home all the time with these crazy stories so i know what you meen by employe drama + every one at gap is in love with pactrick robenson one of my mums store has a slogen wwpd? (what would patrick do?) lol ik! my mom got to meet him and his collections ggreat hes very layed back! Your very right the jacket katie dose look like shes wearing a bath robe lol =)

Daphné said...

Gosh, what you wrote about Katie's photos made me laugh so much!Her jacket does look like a bath robe and those glasses are just terrible!I think I'll save it on my computer to make me laugh after a bad day too!
I like Ashley's outfit on the Olsen's picture, very cute fur jacket.

bigglassesgirl said...

I like Scarlett and Natalie but Scarlett's forearm tattoo is all sorts of fug.

Adele said...

I voted Natalie but scarlets dress in the 3rd pics down is amazing!

punky said...

katie creeps me out!

Poppycock Thoughts said...

You are linked

Jill said...

I chose Scarlett out of those outfits, but overall all the time, I'd say it's more of a tie.

Wendy said...

Nicole Kidman looks amazing!

Carolina Lange said...

My vote is for Natalie! She is allways looking so chic!
And I love the pink dress Forest Whitaker's wife is wearing! It's so beautiful!

penelope said...

I hope that nicole will have a little girl! we could do with more lil nicoles around!

Kate looks like one of the stepford's wives, gah! (just that she's got much better dress sense; but the bathrobe was horrible!)

Ana said...

The "new" gap looks AMAZING and grungey cute.

In Yr Fshn said...

I'm gonna say Natalie, only bc she looks a little sleeker and I really hated Scarlett's long sleeved floral dress.
And, wow, Hilary! Good for her looking so awesome.

LOL at your Amanda Bynes comment... very on point!

emsie said...

i love looking at the photos of scarlett and natalie

nice post!


Jay Cam said...

why are all the comments turned off?

The Sewing Bunny said...

i love natalie!

and that pink dress is to die for :)