Some of you might know that I don't like this girl. Something about her just irks me...ever sense those flipper days. She talks too much, I think she has a case of the Keira Knightly verbal diarrhea.

She has an amazing coat collection.

I think she looks like a wedding cake in that dress.

Too old.

Love the 70s look in the second pic.


How cute is this girl? She's got a nice vibe about her and great style to match.



Paris started making some improvements a couple of months back, I thought she was finally turning the corner, but it didn't last long. I'm scared her huge size 12 feet are going to come crush me!

The second outfit would have been 'okay' with black accessories.


NOBODY WENT TO SEE MY MOVIE :( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ANNE HATHAWAY: MUCH IMPROVED I've been been keeping my eye on Anne Hathaway lately. Her style has really evolved and she's such a natural beauty, rare to see that nowadays.

I'm not sure if I like the length of the red shirt she is wearing in the first picture.

She's a little too airbrushed, but it's a great photoshoot.








Here is another girl I don't like, yeah I'm picky. I want her Nike shoes in that color badly.

These two are going to have a whole army of children. Keep your mouth covered the pregnancy bug is in the air.



SHARON STONE: PETA IS GOING TO HAVE A FIT OVER THISWhat poor animal had to sacrifice themselves this time for Sharon? Can't she just leave them alone? She has to make it even worse by wearing a whole zebra print dress. I just want to recover that thing from her neck and give it a proper funeral.

Dita killed it, I wonder if she will still dress this way when she's in her 70s.

Mahalo fashion,

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Fashion Tidbits said...

ooh harsh. verbal diarrhea...

Live Fabulously said...

oh how i envy audrey tatou's legs. they're gorgeous. i wish dita von teese would try a different look. i used to go to the same pilates studio as her and she had her hair pulled back w/no make-up and she looked BEAUTIFUL. wish she would try that look for an event.

Jello on Springs said...

Why is everyone and their mother pregnant these days? I sorta like Jessica Alba though =/ I do agree Audrey Tautou is so cute.

bronwyn said...

I love Anne Hathaway, that's such a nice shoot. Audrey Tatou - just lovely, so elegant and stylish as only the French can be, and I want to go shopping in Jessica Alba's closet.

emsie said...

i do really like jessica alba

Cate said...

verbal diarrhea haha ^^
i don't like jessica alba that much either, i think she produces herself too much, but when she's occasionally dressed (!) she's cute. Wow those fur boots she's wearing in the third and fourth picture are huge - but I always feel a surge of happiness when i see photos of celebrities in which they are wearing the same items of clothing again, maybe in a different combination, because it makes them seem more human. and i absolutely LOVE the 70s look in the last pic about Jessica Alba.

wow, paris really has big feet, but then - 60s/70s model icon veruschka had, too, and that was the reason why se was mostly photographed with bare feet. but i think occasionally paris's style is nice.

hey, no matter if you're picky, there are a lot of celebrities i don't like too. i sometimes feel guilty about always writing "i don't like..." into the comments of your posts...

Anika said...

i don't like jessica alba either. i mean, she's pretty and used to have a great body, but her style is questionable and there's just something about her that bugs the heck out of me.

Imelda said...

I really liek Audrey Tautou's style! I'm a fan ever since I saw Amélie so many years ago! I love her hair so short!

Anne Hathaway is amazing! I really love her, maybe not so much for her style, but she's so natural and looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

i hate jessica alba, she was rumored to have slept with half of hollywood's influential directors, yet she now claims that she never sold her sex appeal, give me a break! she's so untalented!

awww i love audrey, she is too cute :)

The Clothes Horse said...

I worship Audrey Tautou. She is beyond gorgeous, incredible and stylish. I am also not a fan of Alba, she's just sort of blah. Anne Hathaway is always lovely and understated.

atelier said...

I think Jessica Alba is really beautiful. I hate Paris Hilton, I guess everybody does it. Anne H. style is improving a lot.

Taylor said...

Oh, but I love Megan Fox! She's one of the most gorgeous celebrities I've seen. And my favorite Jessica Alba look is the one with her purple handbag, although she could lose the converse.

lara said...

I really like the "wedding cake" dress on Jessica Alba :)
She wre some great outfits recently I think...
I also like the pictures of Anne Hathaway and Audrey Tautou, she is so cute and has a great body :)

Anonymous said...

I like Jessica Alba, but It seems like she needs to smile more.

Miss Woo said...

I find it quite funny that Jessica Alba is always so covered despite the fact that she is supposed to be the "body".

Secretista said...

I know there are many men upset that Jessica Alba is pregers. LOL

I love Audrey Tatou!! Ever since Amélie, I've been in love with her. I once heard her saying something like "don't point out your defect. Just because you have a big pimple on your face doesn't mean you have to tell everyone. They can see it!" I lovedd her even more after hearing that!!

I am on a quest to find a corset that I can wear everyday so I can get a freakin 16" waist like Dita!!

copperoranges said...

jessica alba just isnt talented. i think perez hilton is a little harsh on her, though.

i go through phases with anne hathaway, but her performances in brokeback mountain and the devil wears prada won me over. i also think she is such a great role model for younger girls.

thanks for the roommate sympathy! it has been sooo tense these past couple of days!

Cordie said...

megan fox is beauuutiful kind of trashy yeah but she doesnt give a shit which i love

The Seeker said...

I really like Anne Hathaway and Jessica Alba indeed has an amazing coat collection.

So, are you ready for the red carpet?
I'm couting on you, because here it will be very latte, so probably I'm going to bed before.


WendyB said...

Re Dita, I hope so!

Jelenie said...

Wow! Angelina is positively glowing. I'm very happy for them.

Re: Megan Fox = she also annoys me to no end.

And love Audrey! She has a lot of class. :)

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

jessica just really bores me, but she dresses nice, love audrey, paris is a twat

miss hautttefashion said...

i think paris hilton is definitely improving...especially after the horrendous fashion line she had that nobody even knew about

i love reading your opinions on your blog! it makes my day

Lola Eliza. said...

I really hate Jessica Alba, but I really love Audrey!

Anonymous said...

I love how I notice how chic jessica is before I remember she is pregnant. She dresses so well for a pregnant women, definitely an inspiration!

audrey is SO adorable!

Anonymous said...

Oh I really looooove Audrey Tautou!!! And all the other French girls!!!
nice blog!

punky said...

how can you not like jessica alba? she is so cute and sweet.
And who is the megan fox chick i keep seeing everywhere?

AsianCajuns said...

I love Audrey Tautou, but I'm afraid a slight breeze would knock her over - look at those legs!

Natalie said...

Audrey Tautou is one hot cookie!

bitterbabe said...

ooho what a great post! i don't even know what to say!!

Rumi said...

Audrey Tautou is ridiculously adorable, the ultimate modern pixie.

I agree that Alba has her bad points, but the girl dresses nicely in an easy to swallow, LA way. I like her candid style, and taste in bags.