Lauren's collection is doing well enough now that she's getting stocked in stores like shop intuition. I like the collection, you can definitely tell it's her style, but it's just a little too simple and boring. I think the good thing would have been to promote her collection as fashion basics instead of an actual fashion line.

At least she's no longer carrying around that old Chanel bag Jason gave her. Upgrade!



I fell a little behind on fashion week, boo! Anyone that knows me knows that Marc Jacobs is my favorite designer. When I first saw this collection I thought "eeek" and it took me a while to get into it, and now I'm into it. I love the shoes and the retro throw back, though some of the outfits are very hit and miss for me.

L'il Kim scares me. I miss the old Marc, he's just to hollywood now. At least he 'seems happy' Don't hit the bottle again!!


I'm not sure if I would spend my hard earned cash on Anna's clothes. I like her stuff in individual pieces but it's really not my style.


She's stunning, I can't believe how much she looks like Elvis! Those genes are strong!



She's my favorite person in the whole world, ok maybe I'm just pushing it. I'm happy she's back I've been missing all her outfits and how cute is that "H" necklace for Harlow!




I can't remember the third models name.

These ads really make me want to buy this perfume.



These pictures are gorgeous!



Ugh Babe is so trashy and their clothes are so expensive. Eva looks hot though, airbrushed to the max!

Mahalo fashion,

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copperoranges said...

i too hate how hollywood MJ has gotten. i think it almost puts too much pressure on him.

it makes me sad that lauren conrad's basics collection gets promoted over people with real talent.

love the perfume ad and the nicole ritchie pictures. she looks so healthy and glowing!

Debbie Shiamay said...

Gee Jen i totally cant keep up with ur blog! Ur so amazing! I love all the pics u choose. Marc Jacobs collection is pumping!

The Sewing Bunny said...

i actually am liking lauren's new collection! especially the first dress.

Aretha said...

Yay berets are back (well, they actually never go out, heheh), love the sunnies, tee and beret combination!

christine said...

Anna Sui is always one of my favorite runway shows. LC could take some tips...her clothes & "designing" are SO dang boring.

coco said...

I haven't seen those first pics of Nicole, she looks so pretty
You know how much a love Nicole....
And I really am not in LC's line at all, I mean it's ok, but she shows no talent in design through it!

Life's a Wardrobe said...

Great post! I love the Marc Jacob collection and Lauren Conrad's line

Mash said...

nicole richie is so gorgeous :) i m not into nyc fashion week this year kinda boring i think ....

Cate said...

i love marc jacobs too, and i especially like the "off the deep end" t-shirt because i just love print t-shirts of any kind ^^ and lil'kim looks weird ^^
i like anna sui, especially this collection.
and WOW nicole richie has BREASTS! That pregnancy really did her well.
i think the chloe ads are beautiful too. i like chloe sevigny and i absolutely adore clemence poesy, i think she's very beautiful, and chloe sevigny somehow gives an edge to the ads, keeps them from being to cutesy.
gosh the babe ads looks really trashy.

Molly ;) said...

So much to comment on! :)

Well, i must say i quite like the LC range, although i dont think we can get it here in england, the pictures ive seen look nice!

I know what you mean about missing out on the shows. Theres so much to see in so little time!

Nicole looks great now she still has a little [and by little i mean a VERY small amount :)] pregnancy weight left. Im still waiting to see Harlow Kate! :)

Im not really a fan of Eva, she seems a little too much like a footballers wife to me.

Love the blog, as always x

The Seeker said...

I think we're living too quickly, with things happening before its time. We're yet on S/S2008 and we already got to go in to F/W2008/09.
Things are changing fast.

I like some Marc Jacobs's stuff, but Anna Sui's have something strange.

Kerry Washington's pictures are awesome.

punky said...

I have missed nicole and her pretty dresses.

Ediot said...

i'm so amazed with nicole's beauty. she looks so much better post pregnancy than before-. really has this glow. When she combines that with the great sense of style she's got-it just goes bang-bang BRILLIANT

Kira Fashion said...

It´s great to see Nicole beack in the game!

i wanna see her in the old fashion fit!

a kiss

Elisabeth said...

Fantastic post!

I love how healthy Nicole Richie looks - I was worried when I saw some pictures a few months before her pregnancy looking painfully thin, but she looks radiant in these pictures!

Margherita. said...

The H necklace is so cute. I've always adored Nicole.

And I agree about Lauren's line. Its nothing great, I don't think she is all some people say she is. Shes a bit of a bore.

Héloïse J. said...

I so agree about the Chloe perfume ads. want to try it on at least- and haven't managed already. she's anja rubik!

Héloïse J. said...

I so agree about the Chloe perfume ads. want to try it on at least- and haven't managed already. she's anja rubik!

Live Fabulously said...

Where do I start...
1. LC's line you can get at F21 for a lot cheaper...her clothes are pretty generic to me
2. I miss the long-haired, nerdy, slightly chubs MJ
3. Riley K. is beautiful. Dunno why she's dating Ryan Cabrera, tho??
4. I love Nicole Richie...well, her style, at least. And the last photo w/Christina is sweet - 2 new moms probably chatting about motherhood.
5. Kerry Washington always looks beautiful.

Camilla said...

Really like the Chloé adds :)

deexdeexdreamer said...

i gree, but you just know the teen vogue-tweens somewhere inbetween hannah motana and the hills will snap it up like its j.couture- heck, some of the pieces are cute but shes nuts for trying it on the runway! Kinda way the radar cover was a bit, um, eager!


saray said...

i totally agree with you about the bebe ads- look so trashy! and about the lauren's collection!
it's just too simple, se need to make it more fashion!

nicole richie looks amazing in that floral dress!! i want that dress!!

i want those chloe ads in my room !

and RILEY KEOUGH looks amazing!!
i really felt that you took the words out of my mouth! i agree with you about - everything!!

great post

Rumi said...

AHHH Lauren Conrad is SO DULL, I can't believe how many accolades she gets for producing items that even stores like Forever21 has had for years now.

LOVE those Miu Miu sunglasses, and the Geldofs look adorable!

SET said...


Wendy said...

I have to agree with you on the Bebe note. The clothes are selling high but look really cheap.

I didn't know LC had her own line. It kind of bugs me that celebrities like to branch out to fashion, even though LC is an intern for Teen Vogue. I don't really care.

WendyB said...

Lil Kim, what have you done to yourself?

Miss Woo said...

Even though it is sad, I'm glad to see the atomsphere at Heath's wedding is peaceful and happy.

Still can't warm to the Geldolf girls..

Imelda said...

I love those Miu Miu sunglasses! They're so beautiful!
I adore Nicole Richie, her style is so great!! I love the first dress and the red clutch.

U said...

Those Chloé ads are so so beautiful! Totally makes me want the perfume too... (though most of them just give me a headache :D).