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Has any one seen Mary-Kate since the whole Heath incident? I guess she's smart to go into hiding, do you really believe that she and Heath were just friends? I didn't even know they knew each other, and that stupid masseuse waisting all that time on the phone!! Can't she tell when somebody's not breathing? Or their heart isn't beating? Nice job genius. I'm off my rant now.



She looks so much like her mom here and that's not a good thing. Even though her face is the perfect shade of orange, I can appreciate her cute smile in the last picture. Paparazzi lover!




Where has this girl been? I hope she still ends up with that hott Greek guy in The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants 2!




If you missed my Nicole extravaganza then click here. God I wish these two were my parents, I'd be the best dressed kid in town, though my mom didn't do that bad of a job when I was younger. My dresses were always frilly and I always had ribbons in my hair :P


Keira is my favorite fashionista, but I have to say sometimes she scares me, and it's not just her face.

It's not often that I feature Paris on here and normally it's for bad fashion, but I think she looks really cute here. I've been looking for something with sail boat prints it seems like forever!!


Darn Lauren has gone back to boring dresses again, shame I thought she was turning a corner. I'm starting to look forward to what Audrina is wearing more.

I'm all for 90s inspiration but this is just too much! I still love her though, download her new song "Speakerphone".


I don't know why, but Miranda's dress reminds me of Christmas. I love her look though!

She's got better style now then before she was pregnant. I still don't like her, evil...
Be careful though you might get knocked up too, there's something in the air!


Mahalo fashion,



Jill said...

I love the dress Keira is wearing, and I think that Alexis Bledel is really gorgeous.

Neekoh said...

Aww, you're so sweet to link me.
I love Paris so much. Everyone loves to hate on her, but she's been dressing way cute lately. Did you see her at the BlackBerry event? Loved that dress!

Jennifer Stoddart said...

There does seem to be something in the air with everybody getting knocked up lately, hey?! Those are great photos of Alexis Bledel! I love her!

bitterbabe said...

I love Alexis Bedel too! And did Nicole Richie really just have a baby?? She looks awesome!!

Secret Agent said...

Haha... Miranda Kerr looks like a gigantic Christmas tree ornament, that's why she reminds you of Xmas.
Kylie Minogue, on the other hand, looks like the Christmas tree.
Poor Keira...so flat-chested.
And look at Nicole Richie! Daymn.. 2 weeks unprego and she already looks so skinnio...well, healthy. I hope she doesn't get back to skinny-Nicole-bathing-suit stage.

Kira Fashion said...

wow! it´s great to see nicole back to her old and great style, i love her :)

a kiss

Mash said...

I m in love with Jeremy Scott &hearts
I like what Keira wear , i cant wait to see the pictures !!!!

WendyB said...

I like that dress Alba is wearing! Very nice.

The Clothes Horse said...

LL still needs help--image help. And I want to see more of Alexis Bledel, she is breath-taking and has a nice, classy style.

Anonymous said...

i don´t like Keira, she scares me too!

hey i nominate you for the you make my day award.Check it out.

L said...

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Cool Urbanite. said...

I scared the hell out of Keira. Why does she have to do that, so everybody can see her ribcase and ammediatly (? very difficult word !) say she has anorexia! I still like her.

SET said...

i am loving this post. The hill girls are fab,

Seraphine said...

Why isn't Joel holding the umbrella over Nicole's head too? I love her red scarf.

I saw Jessica Alba on Chelsea Lately this week. She looks great. Being pregnant agrees with her.

bronwyn said...

Alexis Bledel is lovely, ditto Keira, and Kylie always manages to look so radiant!

cinderella said...

alexis is stunning! i think that she has really grown up over the past few years... and i really REALLY love the olsens i am so jealous of their stunningness.

The Seeker said...

wow, I think Alexis Bedel is really stylish.


Héloïse J. said...

i 'm looking for mk too!
alexis bledel has become really beautiful. am i detecting some surgery? (or am i bad? the girl is no more an adolescent!!)

Aretha said...

Alexis Bledel is one of the most beatiful girls I have ever seen. She's way to perfect

Keira is too skinny :/

Anonymous said...

ooo love alexis, she is gorgeous! and you're right we haven't seen her since gilmore went off air, i wonder what they will do with her sisterhood character, lena, in the next one- b/c honestly in the books its really more of a transition for lena, but nothing too exciting, they have spice it up!

blogger is being a total pain in the ass you're right! slow uploads, accidental double comments b/c it takes so long to think, blegh

Grace said...

no kylie, no! that print is pretty gross.

..i feel you about blogger- every time i go back to edit something, it just doesn't change what i want it to. i hope it gets better soon!

Jelenie said...

Thanks for linking me before jen. x

What is that bow doing on Kylie's butt? The dress should have been pretty without that huge ass bow.

And isn't Miranda Kerr pretty? Love her!

Fashion Tidbits said...

do you think it's a mag shoot that keira knightley is doing??

AsianCajuns said...

Great photos. I've been wondering where Alexis Bledel is myself. It seems like ever since the end of Gilmore Girls she's been MIA.

Mash said...

i love that tee shirt :)

A.N said...

Nicole Ritchie looks great! I didn't really like her a long time ago, that's changed now.

Keira needs to put some flesh on those bones, it's scaring me too. I love her face and all, but way too skinny.

Carolina Lange said...

Alexis Bledel is so beautiful!
And I love the dress Keira is wearing!

In Yr Fshn said...

Another Alexis Bledel lover! I miss her on TV!
It seems very unfair that Jessica looks so amazing pregnant... is there no karma in this world!?

Miss Woo said...

Haha, the Posh T is so funny!

Amanda said...

I want to get a VB shirt so badly---though I'd like it even more if there was a DB shirt! I mean COME ON!

Aisha said...

Alexis Bledel is beautiful, i really miss Gilmore girls =(

Lindsay would look better without the fake orange tan.

Paris outfit (and i can't believe i'll say that) is so cute.

Oh and that grey tee is the one David Bekham has been wearing lately... right?

pd. can't wait for voting ;)

Anonymous said...

Lauren needs a new do. Her hair is tired. How long can she pull of the straight look? I think she would look cute with a short bob cut.

Anonymous said...

Lauren needs a new do. Her hair is tired. How long can she pull of the straight look? I think she would look cute with a short bob cut.

Jay Cam said...

dang kiera looks so thin!

as for that t-shirt "protect the skin.." who is that intended for? guys or girls? lol

the iron chic said...

Holy skeleton Keira.

Wendy said...

Kiera looks deadly skinny in the second photo, oh man. And I wish Nicole and Joel were my parents!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Alexis Bledel is so beautiful (that hair, those eyes, those lips, and the clothes! Woman can walk all over the crappy reality-Tv starlets in a heartbeat), and I miss Gilmore Girls!

Ediot said...

yes keira looks really scarily skinny.. poor thing

Tala said...

lilo, i love you but please get it together.

where is that posh shirt from? haha lol love it!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ I think she's sort of trying haha.

coco said...

I've missed your posts since you've been working on the blogger awards (of which you did an amazing amazing job! very well thought up and all!!!)
Madonna scared me a little at this event, I think it was the hair!
I loved what Katie wore!!!
I like Lindsay's hair darker, so I'm glad she's ditced the blonde. And the shoot is actually Glamour UK not Harpers (although the one she has done for them is very similar)

And I cannot belive that is Anna! AMAZING!!! hahah

x x x x