Kylie is back and more stylish then ever! These are pictures from her new calendar, I think they are stunning and so is the makeup!


Everybody is getting knocked up lately, it's a new Hollywood trend, DUI'S are not cool anymore.
Here is Hally Berry looking absolutely beautiful, she's really got that mommy glow going on.

Tom decided to let Katie out for a walk! She looks amazing in this dress, and I like her hair all sleek and straightened out.


Sienna and Savannah Miller in Nylon magazine. I think Sienna has great style, but I don't like her personality, it seems a little fake.


I've already done a celeb style on Thandie, but I didn't really feel as though it did her justice, so here is my second try! Thandie strikes me as the type of woman that sees something on the runway and makes it hers the following day. She knows fashion and she's into it, but she does it in an understated way that's not snotty and over the top.


Secret Agent said...

Hahaha... yeah, DUIs are soooo out. Pregnancy is in. But, I gotta say, Halle looks hotter than ever.

The last Kyle picture is kinda scary and drag-ish, eh?

PS - Jack Johnson always puts me in a happy mood while I'm making my Banana Pancakes ;)
But sometimes when I listen to James Blunt, I feel like committing suicide...maybe there's a problem with me and not James' music. =S

discothequechic said...

ahh, I'm torn! I love the first picture of Kylie, BUT, isn't this a bit House of Holland bandwagonish?

But I don't know it's a kind of fresh take, and I love the candy colours rather than harsh bold neons.

Hmmm. Love the 80s direction she's going in though.


Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

^ hahha yeah I know what you mean but they are so popular everywhere but I think it works and it looks cute on her, house of holland probably designed one especially for her for this shoot.

Secret Agent - halle does look better then ever. your james blunt comment made me lol
jack johnson forever!!

WendyB said...

I love that last photo of Kylie!

Gabriella Tinelli said...

Thanks for visiting my blog..

Ciao Gabriella from Italy

FT said...

I'm in love with Katie's dress! Tom is "blah" but that dress is absolutely fantastic :)


penelope said...

katie looks amazing in that gown!! it's gorgeous!! and so is thandie though i;m not sure about the ruched all over dress she's wearing. haha!

anyhow thanks for d comment!! haha! the plaid bag is FABBBB..


Aretha said...

I don't like Katie Holmes, she's too fake for me... Sienna, in the other hand, is more natural than her, she's just too free spirited for Hollywood haha
Kylie, always a goddess

glamour girly said...

oh, oh, oh, i was going to post about Katie's dress, too. LOVE IT. Here hair looks really cute, too.

Halle Berry looks so good preggers.

Thandie is amazing all of the time but especially in that gray evening gown with all of the volume at the bottom. Oh, to have her figure!


Hippy Chic said...

Nylon is such a good read. always full of great fashion, music, and such!

Seraphine said...

Oh where have I been? I didn't know Katie was pregnant! Love her straight hair, but Tom still has the same hair style he had in high school.

Kira Fashion said...

Fancy them all!

a kisss

Romeika said...

Such a great post! First of all, i love all Kylie's picture, glad to know she's back and more gorgeous than ever. Halle Berry looks amazing in this vibrant ton of blue, she's more beautiful than ever now that she's preg.

I like Katie's hair style, but i'm not so sure about the dress. As for Thandie, she's really elegant, despite what she's wearing, it's just her attitude, i think...

Carolina Lange said...

Katie is looking amazing! Her hair is really beautiful!
Love Thandie's style!

emsie said...

wow kylie looks stunning
and beautiful pictures to look at!

thanks for you comment, btw :)


The Clothes Horse said...

Kylie just goes and goes (is her career longer running than Madonna's?). I love the dress Tom allowed Kate to wear, but something feels off about the proportions. And Thandie looks smashing. How do you always find these pictures???

jayne said...

it's truly amazing that kylie is back, she looks fabulous even after her cancer. some people would take something like cancer and try and revaluate their lives, but kylie knows that this is who she is, props to her for going back and looking more stunning then ever!

halle's gown is a gorgeous color

katie looks very fairy princess, love it!

oo i need that Nylon now!

thandie is quite stylish! very flattering dresses

Vonnie said...

Katie is pregnant again??!! Totally missed that memo, lol

Kylie looks AMAZING!!!


-S said...

katie holmes' dress looks rather funny doesn't it?

Baby Jess said...

ahh, i love the new nylon. ps I just added you to my links!! link back? :)

keep up the great posts!


first off i love the miller sisters! second i like kates dress.. shes so tall and i love your post below!

Naki said...

Halle and Katie are simply D-I-V-I-N-E! Love Thandie, her bronze dress, second down, left hand side is soooooooo the silouhette of my wedding dress! Great post :)

The Attire said...

woops, sorry. the photo's working now though.
halle's dress is so lovely, i like the way it falls over her baby bump but doesn't hide it. women should draw attention to their curves when they're pregnant, so beautiful.

Debbie Shiamay said...

I love blue and Halle Berry's brigh blue is even better!!! Love your post, Jen!

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

Gabriella Tinelli - Your very welcome.

penelope - No worries hun! Love your blog!

Aretha - Your right about sienna being more natural but I still don't like her personality.

glamour girly - I wish I had her figure too!

Baby Jess I've linked you

Seraphine $ Vonnie - She is not, that must have been a misunderstanding.

Romeika - Thanks! You are right she has a strange attitude.

Kat said...

Aw, I love Kylie, she looks great in these pictures. It is amazing how optimistic she is and how she just always seems to be having so much fun despite everything she has gone through.

I love Sienna, she does have quite an annoying personality but at the same time she always seems to look so happy and as though she is just having a great time. Her style is fabulous too, of course. I love that Nylon shoot.

Filó said...

I lOveeeeeeeeeeeeeee Thandie so muchhhh, i was preparing too a inspiration style with her ahahahahah... Kissesssssssssss

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

oh wow she wore that chanel dress that misha barton wore in the OC at prom. love that dress!!!!!

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

^ ahh yes I know
I remember that episode!

Candid Cool said...

wow, she's amazing.