I've been reading up on Counterfeit Chic about the whole battle between Forever 21 and designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg and Anna Sui. I've never shopped at Forever 21 because we never had one in my city and Canada, I think I came close to going there while on a family trip to New York, but there were some protesters blocking the entrance to the store.
Now to me, it's pretty obvious that they've blatantly ripped off these designers. (They've apparently settled out of court with DVF) Part of me doesn't feel that it is wrong though, why not make these clothes available to the masses if they are going to sell them at such ludicrous prices? I may not be able to afford the real thing, but at least I can covet the copy. At the same time, I can understand their artistic rights, after all fashion is art and self expression and it's not fun to be ripped of, though imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Where do you stand on all of this?

Anna Sui & DVF Rip, Source: Counterfit Chic

What do you think of retail shops copying high end designers?
If they are going to charge so much for their clothes, why not makeit available to the masses?
I think they are ripping off designers artistic creativity and should come up with their own ideas!


My guilty pleasure is The Hills. I really like the Lauren Conrad collection, but I'm not blown away by it because the pieces are so simple but I guess that's what gives it it's charm. The colors she's chosen remind me of sunny California and the water, a general breath of fresh air.


For all you Aussies, some of the latest from sportsgirl. I still say for a teen store that they are ridiculously priced.


Nothing the Olsen's do really surprise me anymore, Mary-Kate rocked the same outfit just in different colors, which do you prefer?

Nicole in Melbourne, she was spotted shopping with Joel on Chapel street yesterday...Gosh I
need to stalk her.

Rachel's sunglasses are so fierce! (Ok too much top model for me)

Kate Moss, I love the sheer star top.

Chloe shines in yellow and black.

Mahalo fashion,

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Photo Credits: Counterfeit chic


cotton candy said...

i know! sportsgirl is so expensive now!! but i really really love the white dress on the top left corner. i saw it and i was like nooo because it's out of my price range.

Jennifer said...

^ ridiculously expensive, I wish it was cheaper because the clothes are so nice, but the accessories are well priced though I have to say!

penelope said...

love the pictures of all the celebs u've posted cept for MK.. she looks a bit drab. i dont know. haha!

as for the rip offs. i think the idea is good. however.. they should prolly change the colors. or. maybe the designs a lil. haha!
it's kinda unfair to the designers i guess.

anyhow thanks for d comment!! haha! omg!! i honestly pictured the poor beaver's tail hanging off the plate!! haha!


Miss Woo said...

I need to have the Chloe Sevigny dress. In fact, I just need to have a wardrobe, full stop.

fashionista said...

i love chloe's dress- the color is amazing. but i love the sportsgirl outfits- especially the white tank dress and the metallic-y tank top with the orange shorts. gorgeous.

Debbie Shiamay said...

Over here a lot of girls are crazeee over Forever21. But most of them don't know that they've been riping off ideas from well known designers. I would never shop there. They're like retail copycats. I have to admit its a good idea but don't they have any pride in originality?


I love the yellow dress too! I'm into bold bright colours! She matched it well with boots.

Kira Fashion said...


I think the retails shops really must copy the ideas...even the great shops like Chanel and others follow a tendencie...

good for us...fashion became more acessible ;)

a kiss

In Yr Fshn said...

I really love this whole 70's British style suit thing Kate Moss is doing, and Chloe's dress is the most amazing yellow. Lovely!

MOLLY GRAY said...

you have so many things in this post that i don't know where to start... i never heard about forever 21.. =P.. what's that? a kinda store?...that is so new to me..
i love lc.. she is really pretty and stylish also i like the olsens, nicole and chloe..

Romeika said...

Oh well, i voted on the second answer on your poll... *lol* Nicole's belly is so big now, cool!

WendyB said...

I love Chloe in yellow.

coco said...

i'm addicted to the hills as well
its so trashy though im rather ashamed
and i still love everything the olsens do
kate moss just makes me bored now
she's dressed the same for years

Seraphine said...

I think it is wonderful when artists inspire each other. The history of the world has been to use an idea and build upon it, improve it and use it as the foundation for a new idea.

But copying someone elses design, "word for word", is plain wrong.

miss vintage love said...

The beige Olsen dress is definitely my favorite!

Who's That Fashionista? said...

The beige outfit on Mary Kate.

True about Cole's hair! I liked it even more when she had the orange thing going on.

Anonymous said...

hmmm forever 21 just isn't made very well and isn't flattering on my body type, but honestly, when you're 17 do you really want to spend $400 on some dress that you'll only be able to wear twice and then it'll be out of season? so i guess i don't mind this counterfit designer thing...im conflicted like you

love mks dress is khacki the most! its more warm

chloes dress is stunning! brilliant color :)

kate is annie hall, but i love it!

Emily ♥ said...

i'm coming back soon(:

TresChic said...

oh my counterfit clothes are never chic

glamour girly said...

i heart lauren conrad's collection, even if it is fairly simple.

i WANT that Kate Moss sheer top and that gorgeous yellow satin dress - great finds as always!


J said...

I loathe The Hills and all of that, but she did pick some great colors, especially compared to other collections.

Gwen Stefani sued Forever 21 as well. They have a lot of fun pieces. I think they probably shouldn't copy designs so closely, but it isn't as though someone who was going to buy a $200 shirt is going to opt for the $20 knockoff instead. If you want designer, that's what you're going to buy. There's really no competition.

carina said...

I prefer mka beige outfit!
anna sui is so good...
I also like chloes yellow dress.

The Clothes Horse said...

definitly the cream for MK
rip-offs, eh most companies overcharge anyway and use menial labor, do they deserve pristine preservation?

Lady N said...

First - I really like Rachel's outfit. And as for the copycats - I think its different when places like Forever 21 are copying trends and making similar things, but an exact replica??? That's going too far.

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

stars on clothes are the new "it"! :)

Shaz said...

i remember my mum tellin me that she used to shop at sportsgirl in the 80's and it wasn't very cool then, just a normal shop at normal prices...i guess now your paying for the image, because i don't think the clothes are that great quality, and the designs are found at alot of other chain stores for alot less. sorry but i am currently ANTI sportgirl!

Candid Cool said...

with f21 copying sui, i know its the way it is, but when the designs are TOO similar & when fake "reals" are being produced i think that's when lawyers need to step in.

i like the olsens & moss. i guess because i relate to the way they dress. they wear similar versions of almost the same thing. i think it's more relatable than the girls with stylists, who have things pulled for them for every event. i like that olsens & moss they look like they "live" in their clothes.

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

^ you are soo right, they can't just outright rip off designers maybe similar but not the same!

the olsens do live in their clothes, those girls are crazy!