I'm having some issues with blogger right now not letting me upload, do you guys have the same? Hopefully it works soon, so this is just a mini post.

Though I'm not going to get completely started on the subject, there has been a big debate over the lack of diversity (Asian, Black, Latina etc) on the runway, especially in Paris and Milan (in my opinion).

If you want to read more about it, there's a great NY times article called: Ignoring Diversity, Runways fade to White.

FemaleFirst.co.uk did a story about it as well called: Vivienne Westwoood slams racsit fashion magazines

And Janine from The Coveted has also posted on the subject: "We represent a lot of ethnic girls..."


Aretha said...

I couldn't post so many times in my blog before, I though I was the only one with this annoyning issues. We can't wait to see your next post BTW :)!

IT IS WHAT IT IS said...

great blog

Fashion Tidbits said...

def a lot better that the past days, but you're right, still lack of diversity.