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I love music, okay I'm sure everybody does, but I can't live without my Ipod or music in the background it makes my world go round and it's gotten me through bad times and Pumped me up during good times. I love discovering new bands or songs, so here is a quick download selection I'd like to share with you guys, and don't forget to suggest some to me!

Plain white Ts - Hey there Delilah
Kean - A bad dream
The libertines - What a waster
Nicole Richie - Dandelion
Evermore - Running
Jojo - Beautiful girls reply
Yellowcard - Breathing
Billy talent - Burn the evidence
Evan Olson - On a high
James Brown - It's a man's world
Sia - Butterflies
Eskimo Joe - new York
Kat Deluna - Whine up
The Fray - All at once
Pink - Long way to happy
Five times august - Better with you & Save it for later
Robyn - With every heartbeat
Common ft Lilly Allen - Drivin' me wild
Rosette - Crush
Aslyn - Be the girl
Dragonette - I get around


Wow, I've become obsessed with posting about Nicole Richie, she's really come out of hiding ever since her interview with Diane Sawyer. She looks so amazing pregnant and I love her clothes more then ever! I never thought I'd love a pregnant woman's clothes that much, but she's turned me around for life! My favorite outfit is the first one, because you can see her baby bump, and I Mischa's dress is so cute, interesting color combination.

Oh god I want a Pucci print dress like that one!

I love a good racer back!

Not too sure about the color of the dress of that second outfit, but she makes it work.


Mary-Kate looks fantastic has a hippie/hobo lady on the set of weeds...it's funny that celebs play characters that are very much like themselves so what's the point of being an actor?


OH Britney Britney, I continue to ask myself what happened to you, was it the kids? The divorce? Fame? Your lesbian flings? The drugs? The alcohol? The voices in your head?

A crazy Britney inspired photoshoot that was posted on perezhilton

Girl who would do this to your hair? Who would purposely give you such crappy extensions? Do you put them in yourself? Hey Brit, wouldn't those tight shorts give you a yeast infection or something? Anyway just looking out for you, kiss.


One of my favorite outfits as of the last couple of weeks, Mischa looks stunning rocking the maxi dress trend. I love the darker hair it definitely makes her look more modest and less full of herself.

Mahalo fashion,

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Kira Fashion said...

Nicole stills so great after pregnancy! I do like her style...i dont know if high hills shoes are apropriate for the baby...but, anyway, she looks gorgeous!

a kiss

love your blog!

Kira Fashion said...

Nicole stills so great after pregnancy! I do like her style...i dont know if high hills shoes are apropriate for the baby...but, anyway, she looks gorgeous!

a kiss

love your blog!

F.M. said...

Mischa seems to have recovered from her O.C.-bad-blonde-hair disorder. ;)

Amy said...

i love "i get around" by dragonette!!!!!!!

Secret Agent said...

Nicole's body is look HOT! Finally something in your stomach (no pun intended)!

So MK is just putting all of this crap because of her character in WEEDS? Wow, I knew she was in WEEDS but I thought her new transformation was for real.

I'm liking these songs at the moment:
Gym Class Heroes - Clothes Off
Mark Ronson's Version album
OneRepublic - Apologize
1990s - You Made Me Like It
50 Cent f/ Justin Timberlake & Timbaland - Ayo Technology

Chic Looks said...

I'm not usally a fan of the Olsen twins, however Mary-Kate's hippie/boho look is fab.

The Go team, Feist, Milburn, The Noisettes, Dizze Rascal, Bat For Lashes, M.I.A, The teenagers,Newton Faulkner, Roisin Murphy, José González, Peter Bjorn and Jon, Frankie Valli/The Four Seasons, The twang, Uncle Jam, Jack penate are a few of artists and bands i'm listening to at the moment...check them out :)

Anonymous said...

Nicole looks amazing. She looks happy, healthy and super chic.

Anonymous said...

ugh, I am not loving the maxidress trend but maybe thats because my legs are my best asset. I don't want to hide them... Congrats on your 50th post!!!! *love* Sia

Kat said...

Cannot believe how good Nicole is looking these days, and for a pregnant lady, it's amazing!
Ha, Mary Kate. I thought first this was out and about in LA was going to go 'What???' but no it's cool, it's a TV set!
Mischa looks adorable in that pic.

SET said...


Emily ♥ said...

Nicole Richie sings? Haha. Oh well, she does look great, even pregnant !
I think Mary-Kate's outfit is horrible.

glamour girly said...

Mischa does look gorgeous with dark hair, and your "kiss" to Brit just cracked me up. Happy 50th Post!!!


Emma said...

Man, Brit is crazy. So is Nicole, but I kind of love her.

eddiie said...

You surely have a touch in fashion....i love the page..good stuff....

Romeika said...

Congratulations on your 50th post! Hope there will be more and more posts for a long time;-)

Britney seems like a lost case, my God, what she has done to her hair, and those hot pants, ewww:-S

I'm in love with Mischa's dress, she looks so pretty and comfy,i really like flats.


Barb. said...

misha looks great! britney should have serious problems, cause it's crazy!.. mk and nicole, perfects anyway :D! bye

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

yes i love mischa's hair and britney is so strange!

Tru said...

check out Imogen Heap. Jamisonparker. Cartel. Cute is What We Aim For. Boys Like Girls. Hellogoodbye. hmm well that's all I can think of at the moment *shrugs*

jadorevogue said...

I always look forward to checking out your blog as the posts are always so great!
Nicole is by far one of my favorite celebs, she's always stylish and just a fun person. If anything her pregnancy outfits are better than before she got pregnant.
I love Mischa's dress - really cute :)

pinup_girl said...

I thought the Mischa photo was Katherine McPhee at a first glance. Weird.

Anyways, I really do love Nicole Richie's style. Not going to lie.

Dani said...

Nicole is doing a great job, not overdoing it at all. Let's see how she'll look around her 32nd week...hopefully gorgeous!

Dani said...

Nicole is doing a great job, not overdoing it at all. Let's see how she'll look around her 32nd week...hopefully gorgeous!

Katie Rosemary said...

the pigeon detectives are an amaaazing band, realy loving them atm. check them out!
love the pics of mk... but i thought that was her in character for the film she's doing called the wackness or something?
nicole is looking absolutely adorable pregnant
congrats on 50 posts hun!

Jennifer said...

I'll download all the songs guys!!

Shaz said...

i know right, mischa barton looks so fabulous in that maxi dress, her hair, the colour of the dress, her accessories and smile all compliment the dress well...she looks so cute