Before anything, I've decided *Drum Roll* to quit shopping for a while. I realized this when I looked at my overflowing closet and realized I didn't need all these clothes and that it was stifling my creativity and my originality. I'd rather work with a few good pieces then a closet full of junk plus I'd like to keep some money in my bank account. DAY 1 ...of shopping rehab.


The insanely hot and genius Marc Jacobs in out magazine. I miss his geeky days, but he does seem happy and more confident in himself now then he did before. I remember when he use to shy away from the camera and doing interviews, now you can't get him away. I've made it no secret that I'm obsessed with him and love this clothing. I don't know how he designs for Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton and now he's coming out with an even cheaper line called M3, CRAZY! God to think Perry Ellis fired him in the 90s :)


From a Genius to an idiot, I love Amanda Bynes movies and everything (especially what a girl wants) but what was she thinking coming out with a clothing line? She's not even that fashionable, and the designs are unoriginal. What age group was she trying to attract? I hope it's 14 an under, cause I don't know anyone else who would wear this, Amanda your killing me. Who else thinks she should darken her hair? I just don't like the super blond on her, it takes away from her beauty. Oh god I can't even look at these pictures anymore.


Um. No. I've never really looked at Jessica's hair, shoe, beauty and bag line, but what I do know is I just don't like this ad at all. her facial expression is so strange, like she's disgusted or something.


Back to good fashion, Stella McCartney Fall/Winter 2007-2008. I love how she went really traditional for her color palette, yet the outfits are still creative. This girl knows the art of layering.

Mahalo fashion,

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Carressa said...

I'm glad i'm not the only one that thinks Amanda Bynes isn't fashionable. Just because you are bored doesn't make it okay to start a clothing line. It just doesn't work.. S&B will do anything just to make money.

Jessica Simpsons shoe collection is kind of cute. But it doesn't look like is trying to sale ANYTHING with that ad.

Jennifer said...

^ I know, I wish she didn't do that, she lost a lot of cred in my book.

Marsadie said...

I miss Marc's long hair! :|

Ahh, love your blog. Just saying :) Its my daily fashion digest.

Jo said...

stella is just amazing!i love how she puts things toghether!!! a genious!

Jessica simpson looks awfull, and amanda...i never imagined her lauching a chlothing line...


Meg said...

Who doesn't have a fashion line out/inthe works? Whoever doesn't should be applauded!

Cris Lazoru said...

Jessica's ad looks like it's from 1992! And I adore Amanda but that fashion line was a bad idea.


stilettostetico said...

Je ne connais pas vraiment la carrière de Miss Amanda Bynes MAIS elle a des jambes DIVINES(Gloup . . .)
ps: je t'ai ajoutée dans la liste de mes blogs favoris.

Cordialement, Antoine.

Amy said...

i dont like jessica's ad :( and i don't really like her stuff either.. what is it with celebs starting brands!!

Secret Agent said...

Do you find that Jessica Simpson often tries too hard? I think she looked good when she first started (during her days with Nick). She was this blond bombshell with great style (that occasionally changed her hair).

But ever since she went single, her style got all dramatic. The dark dark hair with the funny bright makeup, or the blonde hair with...etc. It just seems forced. If not forced, then, I guess she's just trashy? Sorry to Jessica fans out there. I just think, she often looks too "leopard & zebra skin" (if that makes sense). I thought she looked great when she was wearing the pair of jeans and tshirt a couple weeks back.

Umm.. those Stella McCartney pieces you picked out look cool. Nothing like those crazy artistic pieces of John Galliano's. =)

alexgirl said...

It's hilarious to me when celebs try to look sexy and they just come across looking nauseous or mad. You're so right on about Jessica Simpson!
Yeah, I thought the same thing when I saw Amanda Bynes fashion line. It's so blah, and it looks really cheap.
And what's this about M3? I am almost drooling right now. You made my day!!!

Kira Fashion said...

i want that stella´s trench! hehehe

a kisss

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, jessica simpson makes some great shoes and handbags.

Romeika said...

Oh, this show was so great, all so simple but femminine..I would love to have an oversized sweater for fall, it's my must-have knit wear, but i guess it's not gonna happen:-S I'm glad i found a nice classic red coat though:)

re:thanks a lot for the sweet comment on the model's post, glad u enjoyed it, and indeed, those magazine pics are so beautiful:-)


pinup_girl said...

When I heard Amanda Bynes was starting a clothing line I didn't think it was such a bad idea. She appeals to young girls, and designing clothing that is easily accessible was smart. But when I actually SAW the clothes. I don't think they're ugly or anything, but as you said it, unoriginal. The sad news is, most of the girls at my school dress that way. So I'm sure they'll ALL oggle over this collection. :(

Klatuu o embuçado said...

Do those people think about children dying by starvation all around the world?

Dark kiss.

sara said...

love mj.

Amanda's line reminds me of the crappy stuff I see in forever21 (not a good thing)

and stella mcartney's line seems a bit boring.

x sara o

thanks for the comment

LML said...

1. i miss the geeky marc jacobs.. but i do see what ur saying
2. how the heck did amanda bynes get her OWN line... and yes it looks like limited 2 or something
3. LOVING your blog
4. Jessica bothers me...
5. Stella is a genius

... i dont kno why i made a list instead of just saying it lol

Anonymous said...

Jessica's weirf look is the effects of to much lip-plumper/

-S said...

is jessica supposed to be channeling brooke shields? if so, it's not working. as for amanda's lnie, i want to see more. from the pictures you posted, looks a little bland.

glamour girly said...

o, those marc jacobs ads are great. i also love the Stella red coat.

i really pretty much despise Jessica Simpson - always have. plus, her footwear is considered by most podiatrists to be the worst footwear for foot health. ugh.

i sympathize with your STOP SHOPPING. i think i am going to same - i will start tomorrow. :P


Seraphine said...

Stella McCartney looks so warm, with the sweaters and coats. I can't believe it is so late in the summer already. I don't want to think about it yet.

Jennifer said...

Marsadie - I miss his long hair too, glad you like my blog! Yours is so cute!

Meg - hahaha your so right.

Cris Lazoru - HAHAH you are so right!

stilettostetico - Je vais t'ajouter aussie! Merci beaucoup antoine!

Secret Agent - You are so right with that first line, she does try much much too hard! She's all over the shop sometimes she looks okay but most of the time she looks bad all over.

alexgirl - I heard about it a while ago, but seems like it's still a work in progress hopefully by next year;)

Anonymous - No anonymous commenting at MAHALOFASHION.COM thanks.

Romeika - i want one as well!

pinup_girl - I find them too childish but no not ugly.

LML - I make lists sometimes too don't worry about it;)

glamour girly - we'll both stop together, i'm on day two!

Seraphine - agree, her stuff looks so cozy perfect for winter!

Shaz said...

I love how stella mcCartney layers in a loose yet chic way, sometimes layering isn't as easy as it seems.

And i'm starting to feel sorry for jessica simpson, she tries so hard at everything from her singing to relatioships to her clothing line but it's really not working for her...but she seems like a great girl and i actually like that plaid top she's wearing in the ad, maybe it's because i'm plaid crazy at the moment lol

Jennifer said...

^ Your right she does seem like a great person, she's just leading herself in the wrong directions she needs a break and a good agent/publicist/stylist

Dani said...

Good luck with your Rehab! Isn't everyone doing one of some sort?
Anyway, that is a hard Rehab to do! If I may, here is a piece of advice: in case you can't do it for too long, you can always do it for a few days once in a while, or maybe "block" a few brands or specific clothing articles...

Anonymous said...

i actually quite like amanda bynes' collection. it's pretty good considering the price. i'm pretty sure she was targeting teens most of whom wear stuff like this. Besides, did we really expect something magnificent from a celebrity line?