New Keira Knightly, doesn't she look fabulous? When does she not?! I always look forward to new pictures of her. The boyfriend button down seems to be really popular, the only problem for me is being short and having such a tall boyfriend none of his shirts fit me because the sleeves are too long, though I suppose I could roll them up like Mary-Kate did.


I saw this girl a while ago on stockholm street style and I just could not get her outfit out of my mind, everything works right down to her white chanel bag. I want to bag so badly, it's on my want list for sure.


Rihanna is a bit off and on with her style, but I don't dislike her sometimes bright and eccentric style, because it really seems to suit her look and her personality. She looks really cute in these two outfits, without the gloss, just being pretty and natural.

Paris Hilton
has a thing for Australia, both the men and designers, she's totally rocking the Alice Mccall Prayer dress. It's been a hot ticket item over here for over a year, I think you can get it at a pretty decent price on eBay for around $200 ish. There are plenty of knock off versions of it floating around, I'm partial to the dark blue one with the white piping (not pictured)

More Alice McCall, you might recognize the third skirt, Mischa Barton wore it last summer.

Mahalo fashion,

Photo Credits: Stockholm street style

Ps. In response to my last post I wanted to say that I the star tatt is something I really want, and it's not just because they are popular (It was more of a joke). I've already got a tatt so I'm not too bothered with getting inked again. It's your body, It's your choice do as you please and don't feel ashamed. :)


Kira Fashion said...

I do love Keira and the Olsens, they are so cool...i love them style!

You pick up some good shots of Rihanna. I dont know a lot about her, but she is choosing some nice looks to wear. Thats great! hehehe

a kiss
your blog is so cool!


Jo said...

im in love with keira´s white shirt, so pure, simple and gorgeous!

la petite fashionista said...

i really want to take one of my dads shirts & wear it as a dress :x haha

and also thats so cool that you have tats & are getting another, i love them although with my zero pain tolerance i dk if i could ever get one. the stars are so cute


chandra said...

yesterday i thrifted a YSL button down for 99 cents! i got it for my boyfriend but it just didn't fit him, so i'm thinking about wearing it. but i doubt i can pull it off.

Klatuu o embuçado said...

You are very welcome, Jennifer... ;)

Dark kiss.

P. S. You can find a (shitty)translation tool on the right side of my blog.

carina said...

keiras shirt is amazing!

penelope said...

omg!!!! i've heard of the "boyfriend's shirt" trend but all i've seen or read off were pretty uppey stuffy. but those tt u posted were amazing!!! i'm gna haf to try to ged my hands on a shirt and perhaps a red belt to cinch it in!!!

thanks for yr comments..
haha nudes are amazing arent they?? and d price, yer, guess i'm plain lucky for strolling into d shop tt day!!

pinup_girl said...

Keira Knightley is my fashion icon!

Katie Rosemary said...

I really liked that Alice McCall skirt Mischa wore... but all the magazines slated it... ah well
You should definitely try the boyfriend shirt out, I think it looks better with the sleeves rolled up anyway!

Romeika said...

I love Keira's style, she's always so chic! She and Sienna Miller are my fav girls when it comes to personal style... I can't wear men's shirts for the same problem, i'm short, it would look weird, oh well.

great post, as always!

glamour girly said...

oh, yes, i love Keira's latest pic. Also, Rihanna does look adorable, and I love that dress in the last pic on your post.


SET said...


Seraphine said...

I love that you like color. Even the blacks and whites you choose are colorful! Amazing. How do you do that? /hugs

Diana Coronado said...

Rihana, luvv her style !!

Jennifer said...

la petite fashionista - do it and wear a bright belt in the middle. I don't have much tolerance for pain either I thought i would cry a river but it wasn't as bad as i thought you get numb to it after a while!

penelope - It's a hard trend to wear, you have to find jus tthe right shirt!

Seraphine - haha i'm not sure, I post what I like!