It's been a bit of a busy weekend and I'm starting my new job tomorrow but I haven't gone anywhere! I'll post and read all your blogs tomorrow evening. xox

Ps. I quit stylemob, I'll leave the pictures I have on now, but that's it...that thing is just way too much, I don't understand how people can vote on outfits when everyone has a completely different sense of style and what they like to wear. I'm going to stick my Mystylediary despite their lack of improvements and updates.


Seraphine said...

Good luck on your new job! The first day is always the hardest-- and most exciting too. /hugs

-S said...

good luck!

F.M. said...

Is the new job a fashion one? Good luck with it!

lauren said...

Oh, I just absolutely love your blog!!! Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer!

My name is Chris and I am from Stylemob.com You are right about the voting. We are in the process of releasing a huge update this next week that will give everyone their own StyleCouncil.

We have a more complex voting system that we will be rolling out but it needed to wait until we did this major release.

We hope you keep checking back in the following weeks.


Jennifer said...

^ Chris, it will be interesting to see how you change your voting process I've heard from a few people that they feel that their self esteem etc has been damaged by some of the negative voting or feedback left on pictures I do hope it that you can make it more fair if so maybe you should remove the voting completely.
I will check back, but unless things change I won't be adding anymore pictures to stylemob which is sad cause apart from that i was really enjoying it.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for all the good luck guys, xoxoxooxxxxxxxxx

glamour girly said...

Good luck, Jennifer! If something fun and exciting happens, tell us about it!