I've been doing so much shopping on eBay thanks to a few items that I sold. (I'll share once some of the stuff comes in) Today I'm going to the mall, my boy is sweet enough to get me some new boots because I left mine back home in Canada and I'm always freezing in my shoes. Leave it to me to come to Australia with only flats and thongs.

I've put together a little fashion inspiration mix for the week.

Today as I browse the mall I've decided that I need a black vest like Kate Moss has in this picture, I wish I had smaller breasts...it would make it easier to wear cute tops. Doesn't Mary-Kate look stunning in the second picture? It was taken a few years ago, but I think she looked her best there, I've never seen her looking more beautiful.
With the likes of Cory Kennedy, the whole "drugged out" "Heroin chic" trend seems to have gotten to Lindsay, but I'm digging it for some reason, I guess it suits her personality and per predicament. I've been looking everywhere for a plaid shirt like Ashley is wearing in the last pic, that's another thing I'll be searching for at the mall today!

Are sweats still "in?", were they not out for a while? Well the girl in the first picture is certainly bringing them back, I adore them on her and it looks hip fun and comfortable. There's nothing like a cute graphic T-shirt and comfy clean sweat pants to run errands or go to the grocery store. I think the girl in the last picture is Victoria Secret model Selita Ebanks, her outfit is stunning I'm keeping this picture forever as future inspiration. The girl in the third picture better watch her Chanel bag, because I'm coming to steal it.


I've always been asked over the years what my beauty routine was so I've finally decided to share it. I have very dry skin, but in the end it's been beneficial to me because I don't get pimples often at all and I hardly break out as long as I keep taking care of my skin. As I've gotten older I've had to work harder to keep my skin clear so I've enlisted more products other then my usual Clean and Clear deep cleaning astringent. (3)

Me and my boyfriend use clean and clear foaming wash (1) in the shower everyday to get rid of dust and buildup then afterwards we top it off with Clean and Clear deep cleaning astringent (3) which helps fight and prevent pimples. If I'm starting to feel a 'breakout' coming on or my skin isn't looking it's best I use Clean and Clear blackhead cleaner (2) which really scrubs and exfoliates your skin and it leaves it feeling so tingly, then I top it off with some moisturising cream (4).

My makeup basics involves putting cover girl loose powder (1) on everyday because it gives my skin and clean and matte complexion though sometimes it looks a little glittery which is annoying. I've been using this powder for years, one container last nearly a year. Mascara and makeup in general is so expensive in Australia, it costs 19.99 just for Maybelline Great Lash (2) so I'm always waiting for a sale. I top off this quick look with chapStick brand chap stick (3), always reliable.

Normally I use M.A.C. Blush in Ambering rose (1) (not shown) everyday, if I want to amp it up I use M.A.C. shimmery loose eye shadow (2) . I adore cover girl eye liner (4), it's in an easy to use applicator and there's a smudging sponge on the opposite end. The best lip gloss ever? Vaseline (3) of course! I've been known to use Bonnie bell Vita gloss, but sometimes I can't stand the strong smell.

Mahalo fashion,

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Photo Credits: Style.com, Stockholm Street Style

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LADY said...

I really love those Oil of Olay cleansing cloths. You don't need water to use them - so good for me because come 1am I am too lazy to wash my face before bed. Try them! They're gentle on sensitive skin too.

Jennifer said...

I think I have, but I remember they were a little expensive only for like 30 cloths. I need something with salicylic acid in it to prevent pimples. I might go back to the cloths again for those lazy nights!

Seraphine said...

I love that you use MAC and Cover Girl both. You use what works for you. I'm the opposite-- if it isn't at (or near) the Estee Lauder counter, I probably won't buy it. But but but... I buy only when they give makeup or cosmetics as "gifts" with purchase, and I *always* ask for samples. (But why is free lipstick always too red?)

Dilemma said...

Your beauty routine sounds a lot like mine, I use Clean and Clear stuff too!

That's so nice of your boyfriend to get you new boots. I'm the same way though, I went to New Jersey one time[it was like the dead of winter] and packed sandals and flats like an idiot...

Kaye said...

That dress on MK is DARLING!! soft, delicate and grecian in beautiful sky blue!! thankyou for that!

I've always wondered about Great Lash- all the beauty mags rate it on their best of beauty list every year, but then you go to read forums and there are those who say its terrible!

Jennifer said...

^ Great lash is 'ok', i think Avon makes amazing mascara it coats so well! I hate the new double mascaras where you have to pre-coat it, I don't have that kind of patience!

the lipstick lady said...

i love what mary kate's wearing too. And trust me, you do not want smaller breasts. It may seem as if there are more choices of clothes to wear, but if you do it right, people with big boobs can wear basically anything. Plus I can't even wear a bikini without padding for fear of it just falling right off. you didn't need to know that, I apologise.

glamour girly said...

I also love Mary Kate's baby blue dress, and I think Great Lash is amazing. I cannot believe that it costs so much there - it's like $3-4 a tube in America! My latest mascara obsession is a mineral one from Physician's Formula - after a few coats, you've got movie star lashes. That is cutest Vaseline bottle ever - did you know that you can use it to remove eye makeup, too?!


Jennifer said...

the lipstick lady - Trust me it's easier to have smaller breasts I had them for a long time until mine decided to grow to a size DD. I can't wear anything because my boobs popping out or tshirts that fit me around the waist are too tight on top, I'm always scared of falling out, finding a bra is a bitch not to mention the back pain!! I'd trade them for a pair of B cups anyday, just so I could find a swim suit to finally fit me!
I always wanted bigger boobs when I was younger now I wish I could give them back, it's hell everyday!

glamour girly - Australia is the most expensive country ever, you would not believe the prices they charge for stuff, but people get paid well you make at least 18 -19 an hour minimal. I know great lash is usually like 5.99-6.99 back home, it's so overpriced here. They charge like 3.50 for a bottle of coke!

Anonymous said...

I love the vest on kate moss and the sweats pic....hmm maybe the vest with the sweats? cute. love your blog.

molly said...

i loove the heroin chic look, i have to say

la petite fashionista said...

i love your bohemian/rocker fashion inspiration pictures :) & insight to your beauty routine. i cant stop lookin at that blinged out vaseline haha!


btw i tagged you on my blog. check it out!

Dani said...

I simply adore the M.A.C. blush ambering rose. Make up has never been a big thing here in Brazil. I am 37 and I just got my first foundation! Things have changed around here though 'cause my 13 year old has a lot more make up than I ever had...

Carolina Lange said...

I love the M.A.C. blush, is fantastic!
And Mary-Kate looks amazing in that picture!

Jennifer said...

la petite fashionista - That blinged out vaseline is so awesome, I want it!! I've already done the tag, but I'll take a look at yours ;)

Dani - Things do change a lot, there is makeup for everything now!
I use to have more when i was younger because I loved collecting and playing with it now I only keep the essentials. Ambering rose is such a nice color I use it everyday;)

Emma said...

Great post! I'm going to link you if that's okay with you :^)

Fashion Lolita said...

great pics again . I actually have vest that seems a lot like kate's one ! :D ( and small breasts ( lipstick lady , with bigger I get to wear different kind of clothing but with my style ... it would look too tacky , so i'm happy)

and the make up part ... here in finland ...
we DON'T have
Clean and Clear
Cover girl
Bonnie Bell
or that chapstick lipbalm

so the only one I can say something is the great lash .

( could you order it from net ? or would that cost too much ?)

coco said...

i love clean and clear it is always works
great post

Anonymous said...

i loved the post

Dilemma said...

Ahhh, I've been looking for that same vest Kate Moss has. But no luck in just finding a plain black one yet!

I use the Clean and Clear makeup removing cleanser, it's the only thing that really works for me. Have you ever tried it?

Jennifer said...

Emma - I linked you back

Fashion Lolita - really? I thought you guys would have that in finland, well I guess you have your own brands right? I'm sure you could order that stuff from ebay or something for relatively cheap!

Dilemma - No i haven't used it but I wash my face with the foaming wash every night in the shower so it does a good job of getting the makeup off! I love clean and clear cause it actually works!

SET said...


Jennifer said...

^ selita's outfit is amaaaazing!
Clean and clear works for me, might depend on how your skin reacts to it, you have to use what's best for you!

The Stiletto Effect said...

Kate Moss is my fashion inspiration and that outfit is one of my favourites :)