Booooo I got a new job starting Monday with kind of wonky hours so I won't be online as much, but I'll try to continue to post as much as possible. It's not secret that I'm in love with Marc Jacobs, so it begs the question of the day, what happened to him? I know it's obvious, but I need details! One minute he is cute and geeky then he starts dating Jason and he's tanned, slick and toned up. So which Marc Jacobs do you like better? By the way, you should add Marc Jacobs to your myspace, he responds to messages! It's his newest obsession;)




Picture is removed.

Sweater - Vintage Lacoste / Bag - What I believe is Faux Chanel / Jeans - American Eagle
Necklace - Diva

Testing out my boyfriend's new Camera, were going out for drinks tonight and this is what I'm wearing.

Ugh, ever since the D & G rape ad my respect for them has sunk a little. They tried to turn things around by showing ads demeaning men and empowering women, which I don't think is any better why should there be a double standard? Now they seem to have changed their fall winter campaign again. Which one do you like better?

Old Fall/Winter 07/08

New Fall/Winter 07/08

Mahalo fashion,

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Photo Credits: Marc's Myspace


Secret Agent said...

Not ONLY DUI, but the whole "let's all go to rehab!" haha next up is "jail." I think Paris definetely started a trend haha.. Tom Sizemore is now going to jail too! Oh well... soon the next big thing would be...partying in Prince Edward Island?

Marc Jacobs looks like the typical "gay guy" now. Much more unique and cool back when he was bigger and geekier.

The whole D&G thing--I don't mind so much. I really like their ads still. I think it looks really cool. They've always had awesome ads.

Jennifer said...

^ I think we first went to rehab 10 years ago and just recently went again so it doesn't completely explain things but I see what you mean.
I'm not a fan of D & G ads I think they are almost tacky but that's just me I know other people might love them to peices.

Romeika said...

If you think these D&G ads are tacky, just go back in time and think of Versace ads from late 80's and early 90's hehe:-) D&G has always been one of my favs though..I like the last one. Gold, gold, gold..=p

pinup_girl said...

Marc looks stunning! :]

Seraphine said...

Regarding Marc Jacobs, the answer is in your pics-- he smokes. He looks rougher, but his style and design work is as wonderful as ever.

The Lacoste sweater is awesome!!!

The D&G ads are visually arresting. I like the second one, where the model is posing on the floor. At first glance, it looks like he is being walked on. The ad has movement, great color and makes me look.

Kaye said...

Marc looks as wonderful now as he ever was, but really- it's not about his appearance, it's all about his designs! Have to say that I love his boy toy!! I've heard rumors they are back together again?? Hmm... anyhow...

I like the D&G but not the Dolce. I think that's mainly influenced by the male dominant culture we are raised in (some might disagree but it is there, only more subtle...)

Tru said...

I love AE jeans, they are inexpensieve and wonderful

dianabobar said...

i love your vintage lacoste!
love it!

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

god he has changed loads (marc jacobs)

coco said...

i am so confused by this new marc, he looks like a completely different person
i really dont get what happened

Dani said...

Well, I have to say that I prefer Marc Jacobs look AFTER.
As for the adds even though I love Dolce and Gabbana I simply have all of their adds.
Love anything by Lacoste. I really like they prep look.
Is that the Chanel bag you got from e-bay (previous post)?

Dani said...

Sorry, I meant to say that I simply HATE all of their adds.

Jennifer said...

Romeika - I have to admit, the last 3 are not as bad as the first 3.

Seraphine -I'm not denying that he's an amazing designer. :). You are right their ads are visually interesting but just not my cup of tea, I guess i'm traditional.

Kaye - I don't like Jason, he cheated on marc, did you see the pictures of him making out with another guy and bumping butts with him? That's apparently why marc dumped him. And yeah I know it's about his designs but who says I can't focus on the man himself, he's just as interesting! hehehe

Jennifer said...

coco & *** MeMiLy EdD *** - I think jason happened to him, apparently he's changed Marc a lot and their is no denying that Marc has a lot of problems inside he use to be an alcoholic.

dani - Yes it's the eBay bag, I received it yesterday!

Fashion Lolita said...

I love D&C anyway. And the more interesting and "new" the ads are the better.

CHIC NOIR said...

I love Marc Jacobs either way.The guy is just to cool.

I don't like the D&G ads. They are to much like the Gucci ads during Tom Ford reign.

Thanks for checking out my blog from time to time

Jennifer said...

^ No problemo, yeah I really don't like the d & g ads and I still love Marc either way but I do miss his geekness I hope he's not completely selling out.

rollergirl said...

Marc has lost the plot. Is this Jason guy a lot younger? I think Marc is going through a mid life crisis. Who gets a Myspace at his age? He is the male equivalent of mutton dressed as lamb! (OOh harsh!)