Alexis Bledel. It's nice to see her out in about, and in Herve Leger no less!

Amber Tamblyn. Someone else wore this dress last week too, I do like it, but the shape seems a bit off.

Selita Ebanks. This girl could wear a paper bag and look good, I guess that's why she's a model.

Mizuo Peck. That's a lovely going out top. I would not mind something similar myself.

Dree Hemingway. Probably my favorite at this event. That metallic dress is one of my favorite Herve Leger ones.

Lake Bell. She's getting so edgy lately, definitely earning a Celeb Style post.

Melissa George. She does this futuristic look quite well.

Hana Soukupova. It would take a girl like her to wear a look like this and pull it off. I can just picture Bai Ling or Agyness wanting their hands on this, though I'm not sure it would have the same effect.

Camilla Belle. Beyond stunning as usual.

Heather Tom. I miss her on Y & R, the new Victoria cold never replace her.

Brooklyn Decker. Nice, I wonder if someday I will ever have the confidence to wear a pink dress like this.

Alexandra Richards. Nice.

Maggie Grace. Why does she always wear her hair the same?

Ali Larter. The hottest looking woman here, this Herve Leger dress is perfect on her.

Ivanka Trump. I never really liked ribbon dresses like this, but she looks good.

Lindsay Price. She's been a bit boring lately, but her makeup is flawless.

Stacey Bendet. She should go home and try again.

Hilary Rhoda. Risky choice, but I think she pulled it off.

Tinsley Mortimer. I've never been a fan of bright orange and blue together like this, but I can't deny that she looks good.

Lydia Hearst. Not so sure.



xoliquoricexo said...

j'adore selita's hair!

Seraphine said...

heh. i don't think my day had a part 3, much less a part 7. beautiful, as always.
i love lydia hearst's hair!

Charlotte said...

1. Why does Camilla Belle ALWAYS look so good?
2. Who bribed Hana S. to wear that?
3. What does that thing Maggie Grace did with ther hair mean?
4.Who is Stacey Bendet?

Make Do Style said...

Gosh yes the last picture should read Lydia Worst - dreadful dress or rather wrong dress for her and awful styling.

styleburst said...

Camilla Belle and Ali Larter looks stunning. I love both of them. and camilla belle always look soo amazing. She has such a beautiful face.


Anonymous said...

Amber Tamblyn dress is Alice + Olivia Colorblock Fan Dress


WendyB said...

Lake Bell looks great.

S.Elisabeth said...

Lydia and Alicia do look off... I love Alexis Bledel! She's so gorgeous, I'm glad she's back out there! although this dress looks a bit awkward length wise, but maybe that's just the way the pic was taken..

J'Adore Fashion said...

camilla looks stunning, love her. i like alexis and melissa's dress!!!

issa said...

some amazing outfits.. some not so great.. haha and camilla is ALWAYS stunning..


love selita !! she s very beautiful in person as well

Nandi said...

*Everyone looked stunning! :)

keira antoia rose said...

Wow! Dree, Camilla, and Ali look lovely. Camilla is one of the most naturally beautiful girls I've ever seen.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Alya said...

Lydia Hearst looks like she's in costume. What's with the hair?

Chloe said...

I agree with Alya. I'm typically a fan of Lydia, but the hair...it's throwing me off. :/

Angeles Almuna Design said...

The metallic dress is my favorite!!!!!and also the green that Camilla Belle is wearing! :)

Seraphine said...

haha Hana Soukupova. it's playful and semi-sexy too.
have fun entertaining your friend, Jen.

Francie. said...

I love alexis bledel, and so i instantly love your blog! glad i found it

Anonymous said...

I doubt anyone will agree but i have to say i feel Hana Soukupova tops my best dressed list! She pulls this look off so well..loove it!



Anonymous said...

I love Camilla Belle¨s dess; What beautiful colour!

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